3 Pre-Employment Hiring Steps You Don’t Want To Forget

Believe it or not one of the most costly experiences for any company is the hiring of new employees. It is expensive to find and train new workers to fill the jobs that were previously being done by someone who already was fully trained. That being said, hiring the wrong kind of employee can be an even more costly experience. Careful due diligence is required to employ only those who are going to become valuable assets.

Having A Written Record

A written record is an essential first step to hiring any new employee. The website sbnonline.com makes the case that without this step the whole process can be ruined.

First, it is important that there be a documented process. Without a checklist or written process of some sort, people start forgetting steps or dropping them because they don’t see the value. Some parts are more important than others in the hiring process, but any step can uncover information that can eliminate a candidate.

The written procedure should remain constant from one candidate to the next so that no accusations of bias will arise.

Verify All Aspects Of A Resume

Unfortunately, the resumes of some applicants will contain false information. A certain segment of the population believes that falsifying credentials is better than not having credentials at all. As a business owner, one must be aware of this possibility and use all proper and legal means to investigate the listed credentials. Most of the time the information will be accurate, but there are occasions when someone may try to slip false information into their resume. Those who are caught doing so should be disqualified from consideration.

References Are Important And Should Be Checked

Requiring references on an application is a smart move. Those references can provide free information about the candidate that would take a long time to otherwise get. Those references will have worked with the candidate in the past and can provide relevant information about the candidate’s performance as an employee. Just remember to take some of this information with a grain of salt as candidates are most likely to include only references that will provide a positive review.

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