3 Reasons to Use PBSA Accredited Background Check Provider

3 Reasons to Use PBSA Accredited Background Check Provider

Employers are getting cleverer than ever before. Many are now looking for accredited background check providers for employee screening. But it is worth noting that not all service providers are accredited. Working with a company that hasn’t been accredited will put your business at a high risk of lawsuits because the provider will likely perform incomplete and unfit checks. Here are three reasons to use a PBSA accredited background check provider.

Why Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) Accreditation?

When a company is PBSA accredited, they have a high level of accountability and standards laid down by the association. The association advocates for reasonable screening standards with stringent requirements that a background check provider must adhere to. TruDiligence is PBSA accredited and understands the need to follow due process and hire trustworthy and quality employees.

Why Should You Consider a PBSA Accredited Background Check Provider? 

PBSA Accredited Companies Offer High-Quality Services 

A PBSA accredited provider understands the need to provide quality services to employers. The provider gains a solid baseline that employers can have confidence in. Accreditation is the easiest way to know whether the provider is legit and qualified. This simplifies things for an employer when looking for a credible service provider.

PBSA Accredited Firms Take Compliance Serious 

An accredited background check provider such as TruDiligence has undergone a rigorous and thorough audit to comply with industry regulations. This enables the provider to offer quality services without putting the employer at risk in the long run. When using an accredited firm, you are sure that there will be no compromise during employee screening.

PBSA Accredited Firms Have Dedication 

Before an organization gets the PBSA accreditation, they spend time and money on multiple processes. This includes consumer protection, client education, legal compliance, verification service, and data product standards.

Unfortunately, not all background check providers pass these steps because of the stringent measures. So, this is why an accredited firm will stay dedicated to offering quality services to their clients.

Hiring a PBSA Accredited Background Check Provider Is Worth It 

The best way to have seamless processes when hiring employees is by working with a PBSA accredited provider such as TruDiligence. Are you looking for a fresh start with your screening processes? We can help! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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