4 Types of Background Screening Checks

4 Types of Background Screening Checks

When hiring employees, you want to do everything possible to get the best people to join your team. This may not be an easy task whether you’ve been in the industry for long or not. Different candidates looking for jobs have unique expectations, and some will do all it takes to get the job. This is why you need background screening to hire the right people. Here are the different background screening checks.

Employment Background Screening Checks

As an employer, you need to understand where the potential employee is coming from. It is best to know where the person worked previously and their relationship with previous employers. Doing this will help you to confirm the authenticity of the candidate before hiring them.

Criminal History Checks

Some candidates may have integrity issues. Thus, you need to conduct a criminal background screening check to be sure that the person has a clean criminal record. The criminal history checks include fraud, felony, fraud, and sex crimes. An in-depth criminal history check will help you avoid hiring people who can be a threat to you and other team members.

Education Verification

Since you may have specific educational qualification expectations for each job post, it is imperative to conduct background screening to verify the candidate’s education level.

You will use academic verification to determine whether the candidate is the best fit for the job. With the verification, you will ensure that the candidate has the appropriate credentials as indicated on their application.

Drug Screening

Drug screening applies in various industries, such as aviation and driving. Anyone employed in these industries needs to be confirmed to be drug-free. This is an important screening that will help you hire healthy employees who can do the job effectively. It is worth noting that potential employees need to be aware and consent to your drug screening request before you proceed.

Get Professional Background Screening Checks Services

With multiple background screening service providers in the industry today, it is best to research in-depth and to hire an experienced and highly qualified service provider that will offer quality services worth value for your money. Contact us today for all your background screening needs, and we will provide top-notch services worth your time and money.

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