5 Solid Reasons Why Employment Verification Is Important

5 Solid Reasons Why Employment Verification Is Important

Most job seekers provide false employment information, which leads to many adverse effects on business. Employees are vital assets that can make or break a business. Thus, employment verification is a critical, necessary step in hiring new employees. It is the most effective way to create, develop, and keep a solid workforce in the first place — above all else. This article explores why it’s crucial to undergo employment verification.

Ensures FCRA Compliance

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) holds a regulation that requires an employer to have candidates’ permission when doing background checks. They should also allow inaccurate information. To stay compliant with the FCRA, an employer must make sure their entire process complies with all aspects of the law.

Employment Verification Prevents Theft

Checking information can reduce fraud and identity theft. It ensures that the employer knows the employment history of a prospective employee. Some employees use a false identity to land a job that they are not qualified for. A background check can identify these defects, thus preventing the probability of theft.

Avoids Federal Anti-Discrimination Claims

This is an element of alarm for most employers. Having employment verification can save a lot. The employee can petition the employer in case of discrimination, including race, color, sex, religion, military status, and national origin.

Prevents Workplace Violence

About 2 million employees in America are victims of workplace violence. Though not all cases are caused by a lack of screening, most are related. If someone has a criminal record of violence that was not identified, they may carry it to the workplace.

Eliminate Bad Hiring Decisions

Employees have a significant impact on every business. Ignoring the need to screen and choose suitable candidates can cost so much. A study by the department of labor in the U.S. shows that a poor employee’s cost equals 30% of their earnings in the first year.

Learn More About Employment Verification 

Employment verification does not just protect the employer. It also covers the worker. It might keep someone from stealing your identity and taking a job overseas for employees. Employers can rest when they get an employment verification company to handle screening. It can also assure them of a better workforce. TruDiligence is one such company that will offer the best background check services. For a dynamic hiring process, contact us today.

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