Ready to go paperless?

We have the solution! OASIS, our Online Applicant Screening Inquiry System provides an integrated Applicant Tracking System. The ATS function allows you to go paperless in your background check processes.

Applicant Tracking System & HR Solution in Colorado

TruDiligence saves you time and effort by organizing and streamlining hiring processes. We eliminate the paperwork and data entry required to keep accurate records and develop a solution that is tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. Our system integrates seamlessly with a wide array of ATS systems that you may be using, so there’s no need to relearn or retool your current process.

TruDiligence integrates with any Applicant Tracking or Applicant Management System that is compatible with XML standards for data transfer. We have integrated with many of the largest ATS providers on the market, including ADP Virtual Edge, HR Smart, TEDS, Workscape, My Staffing Pro and many more. TruDiligence sharpens and enhances these programs, making it easier to find the talent that you need and authenticate their certifications, education, work history, background, credit reports and more. Through a single multi-faceted system, you can quickly and easily find the staff members that you need and verify all their information.

Close any vulnerabilities in your hiring system and make it quick and easy to find the best employees for your company. Call TruDiligence today to learn more about integrating with your current ATS.

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