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Corporations Facing Legal Action Over FRCA Non-compliant Screening Practices

Dollar General, Whole Foods, and Michaels all found out what the inside of a federal courtroom looks like due to their process of screening job applicants. These companies have allegedly violated the FCRA through their sloppy background screening procedures. While conducting background checks and other screening services for job applicants is perfectly legal and essential, […]

How to Choose the Right Background Check Provider

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a landlord, or a small business owner, the importance of screening potential employees or tenants must be considered. Background checks and screening services provide peace of mind. They can significantly reduce the risks of damage to your company name and personal liability. Choosing a background check provider can […]

Don’t Let This Technicality Cost Your Company

A class-action lawsuit sued several large corporations over a small Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) technicality. An FCRA technicality that could be quite costly for small businesses as well. Huge corporations like Michale’s Stores, Whole Foods, Publix Super Markets, and others are defendants in class-action lawsuits over this technicality. It’s not just retail companies that are sued; Paramount […]

FCRA Compliance During Employee Background Checks

Prospective employees have certain privacy rights guaranteed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Failure to respect these rights can lead to expensive lawsuits and loss of goodwill among your clients. Suppose you’re an HR professional, a hiring manager, a business owner, or a compliance professional, and your organization is considering checking prospective employees’ credit as […]

Unveiling the Truth: The Importance of Background Checks

The stiff competition in today’s business landscape necessitates protecting your organization, workers, and customers. For that reason, conducting thorough background checks on prospective staff is necessary to ensure a safe and secure working environment. TruDiligence acknowledges the importance of conducting background checks and their pivotal role in protecting your business’s interests. Our mission is to […]