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Background Checking New Drivers: What to Look For

When you are hiring new drivers for your logistics or local fleet services, background checks are important. After all, you are entrusting company vehicles, cargo, and the real risks of road safety to someone new. Background checking new drivers can tell you if you are hiring someone professionally qualified to drive your fleet’s vehicle types. […]

Background Checks Are Important for Employment Purposes

Background checks are often necessary for employers who make decisions on new hires. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost to hire and train new employees is approximately $4,700. An employer must know that the new hires are reliable and honest about their qualifications. Financial information about the applicant may also […]

How TruDiligence Manages Integrity

TruDiligence offers background checks and other investigative services for employers and property managers looking to vet candidates. And, to be honest, we’re concerned by the controversy that currently circles this industry. The expanding background check business finds itself surrounded by accusations and lawsuits involving misconduct. The issue revolves around checkers — desperate to nab business […]