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TruDiligence Employment Verification Services

TruDiligence offers employment verification services that help your business get reliable information fast. Whether you need to verify an applicant’s work history, perform a criminal background check, or do any other type of employment verification, we have you covered. Our experience includes comprehensive and thorough services backed by years of experience in the field of […]

4 Types of Background Screening Checks

When hiring employees, you want to do everything possible to get the best people to join your team. This may not be an easy task whether you’ve been in the industry for long or not. Different candidates looking for jobs have unique expectations, and some will do all it takes to get the job. This […]

5 Benefits of Employment Verification

When you employ someone, you want to be sure that they have the skills necessary for the job at hand. That means that you have to ascertain that they worked where they said and developed the skills they claim to have. Some job skills might be developed in school, but the majority are developed on […]

Background Screening: A Necessary Precaution for Employers

Background screening is a core business practice and necessary for today’s employers. Because employers may receive dozens or even hundreds of resumes from potential hires, background checks play a major role in the screening process. Applicant Resumes May Be Inaccurate While applicants may provide accurate information, there can be gaps or unanswered questions. Companies want […]

A Guide to Selecting the Best Background Check Service Provider

Employers rely on background screening service providers to get qualified candidates with a clean criminal record. The service providers also check the candidate’s experiences, education, and references. However, with hundreds of service providers around you, it is imperative to choose the right agency. Bigger is not always better. Here are tips to guide you in […]

Yes, You Do Need to Run Background Checks

Background checks are nearly ubiquitous among American employers. Since that’s the case, do you have to perform a check on every potential new hire? Do you have to spend the money to check every single potential new hire out? If there was something problematic, they wouldn’t have gotten their last job, right? Here’s the TL;DR (Too […]