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Selecting A Background Check Provider: The Overall User Experience

  Some Background on Background Checks One of the underlying steps in obtaining employment with a variety of companies is a background check. The majority of larger companies and all companies that require employees to work with confidential and classified information will require potential employees to undergo a background check. Background checks allow employers to […]

Effective Risk Management Strategies: Pre-Employment Screenings

The Link Between Pre-Employment Screenings and Risk Management As an employer, you want a staff that performs their job well and enjoys what they do. Pre-employment screenings are an effective way to identify appropriate candidates, but they’re also one of the best risk management defenses available. Preventing theft often comes to mind when considering background […]

What to Look For in a Background Check Provider

When looking to hire a new employee, one of the most important parts of the process is the background check.  In order to make sure the background check is done in compliance with regulations and provides you with the necessary details, using a third-party service is extremely beneficial. There are several factors to take into […]

Important Parts of Pre-Employment Screening

The most important asset that any business has is its employees. To ensure that they are making the right decision during any hiring process, it is important for all businesses to carefully assess each of its candidates. There are several different parts of the pre-employment screening process that are extremely important and can help to […]