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Background Checks for Employment Purposes

You, as HR Manager or Risk Management Personnel, need to know if that resume you are looking at is legitimate for employment purposes. Is the person’s background everything it says it is? You may indeed be a contractor in charge of a large project that must be finished on schedule and done right. Your Reputation […]

Do You Really Know Who You’re Hiring?

It’s critical to know who you’re hiring. Background checks are an invaluable tool to maintain a safe and effective work environment for all companies. Frequently, extensive background checks can allow both the hiring manager and human resources to better know a candidate prior to employment. While many job applicants are entirely truthful in their application […]

Three Jobs That Should Do Background Checks

Depending on the jobs your business offers, you may wonder if you should perform background checks. Honestly, all businesses should perform background checks when possible to avoid issues. However, if you offer these types of jobs to people, you should always look into background checks. We’ll look at those three jobs and explain why you […]

Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

It finally happened: you interviewed the perfect candidate for that difficult-to-fill position you’ve been working on for months. The candidate’s employment history shows both growth and longevity. She has extensive experience with the software used in the role. Perhaps most importantly, the candidate is the ideal fit for your company’s culture. As you prepare to make an […]