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How to Ensure Effective Integration of Background Checks to Other Platforms

The need to incorporate advanced automation and technology integration has greatly increased due to intensified background checks. Having a well-established and efficient background check aids your business limit the workload, eradicate errors, and enhance accuracy while building consistency towards better general management solutions. When considering the integration of background checks, it is essential to note […]

User Experience Makes All the Difference When Selecting a Background Check Provider

More than ever, it is essential to obtain a background check from a reputable background check provider. More people rely on the power of technology to limit face-to-face contact. As the pandemic subsides, and more people return to the workforce, background checks help. At TruDiligence, we discuss the importance of the customer experience during these current […]

User Experience is the Most Important Thing in Background Check Provider Selection

Many businesses and organizations require a background check for more than one reason. Indeed, it’s not just to assess how a prospective employee’s resume is factual. Despite the usual assessment of a person’s educational background, employment history, and criminal background, a well-designed background check offers users an opportunity to express how they feel when dealing […]

How to Pull Background Checks in Compliance With the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, also called the FCRA, is federal legislation in the United States. It protects individuals who have their background history pulled. Many employers pull background checks during the hiring process and must ensure they follow specific guidelines. A background check pulled by employers during the hiring process includes various reports. Some […]