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New California Ban the Box provisions enacted

A statewide California ban-the-box law (AB 1008) went into effect on January 1, 2018. That law requires employers with five or more employees (subject to few exceptions) to: wait until after a conditional offer of employment is made to inquire about an applicant’s criminal history, which means asking the applicant directly whether the applicant have been convicted […]

Why Do Employers Do a Credit Check?

Your credit score is likely the last thing you are thinking about when looking for a job. However, it may be a good idea to start. While there are those who will argue that a credit score has nothing to do with their ability to perform their job, there are employers that disagree. Many companies […]

IDE Class Action Lawsuit Shows Smaller Background Screening Providers May Do Better

A recent news story about a nurse who filed a class action lawsuit against Indianapolis-based IDE Management over a faulty background screening shows that hiring a smaller background check provider may be better for your business. The story may have had a different ending had there been greater accuracy and more responsive customer service. Michele […]

How to Ensure the Proper Use of Credit Reports in Employment Screening

Employment credit reports offer valuable insights into an applicant’s reliability and responsibility. Most credit reports include information related to public record filings, such as bankruptcies and judgments, as well as account standings with creditors.  These credit reports allow employers to quickly verify facts and uncover additional clues that may prompt further research. Verify Your State […]

8 Things to Know About Pre-Hire Drug Screening

Many businesses choose to use drug screening as part their hiring practices. In general, an employer can require an applicant to pass a drug test before hiring him. Screening can help prevent business owners from hiring individuals with substance abuse issues. This promotes safety and wellness in the workplace. Most employers believe the cost of […]

Drug Screening and its use in employment screening: Marijuana

The changing legal landscape regarding marijuana may impact the legality of pre-employment drug screening of candidates. Societal norms may also pressure employers to exclude marijuana from drug testing protocols. No matter what course of action is selected, it should be a conscious choice driven by an understanding of the issues.By 2017, the total of states that have […]

How to Navigate Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance with Regard to Background Checks

In January 2016, the Society for Human Resource Management predicted an increase in “class-action lawsuits claiming noncompliance with the FCRA.” Their prediction proved correct. This past year, companies such as Dish, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan Chase all faced Fair Credit Reporting Act related lawsuits. The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs how and when organizations can […]

Los Angeles Enacts Ban-The-Box

On December 19, 2016, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed into law Assembly Bill 218, known as the Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring, which creates a new ordinance that will limit employers’ consideration of the criminal history of job applicants. The bill was sponsored by City Councilmember Curren D. Price, Jr. and adopted […]

3 Reasons to Choose a NAPBS Accredited Consumer Reporting Agency

American businesses have many consumer reporting agencies to choose from today. With so many choices available it’s important your business know who you’re working with. The National Association of Professional Background Screeners’ accreditation is a must have here.   There are three main points that showthe importance of NAPBS accreditation.These include: You know you’re working with […]