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How Background Check Providers Can Create the Best User Experience

Some companies shy away from comprehensive background checks because they want to avoid making candidates feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily guilty. Hiring the wrong person with the wrong background could create legal, operational and managerial headaches. This is why choosing the right background check providers creates a comfortable, trusted user experience. And getting the hires you […]

Let a Background Screening Provider Verify Your Job Candidates Educational Background

One of the most falsified sections on resumes and applications is the candidate’s educational background. Why? Many roles within a company will require the candidate to have a specific degree or educational background. As a result, many job candidates choose to omit details about their educational background. Many candidates believe the employer will not take […]

What California Employers Need to Know About New Background Check Laws

If your company is based in California or has offices located there, it’s important to know the most recent rules and regulations for employment background checks. California has some of the strictest regulations in the United States in terms of the screening you can use when hiring an employee. Recently, the Society for Human Resource Management published a […]

Company Accused of Violating Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance

When hiring employees, companies need to make sure they comply with the Fair Credit Reporting act with regard to background checks or face costly legal consequences to their business. In recent news, Wegmans Food Markets, a grocery store chain based in the Rochester, NY area, was accused by two former employees of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The class action […]

Continuous Employee Background Screening Increasing in Popularity

Most likely, you’re familiar with pre-employment background screening, a process the involves verifying your potential employee’s criminal record, credit score, and employment record prior to hiring them. However, what you may not have heard of is continuous screening, a screening tool becoming increasingly popular with companies. A number of CEOs and HR managers who were interviewed by SHRM report […]