How to avoid contractors with a bad history

At some point, every business invites a contractor into the office to perform work. But who do they trust to double-check that the workers have an upstanding track record?

Countless news reports chronicle the millions of dollars lost every year on shoddy craftsmanship or abandoned projects. What they don’t mention is the sure fire way to avoid a hiring mistake. Companies like TruDiligence, an employee background screening service, eliminate the risk by thoroughly searching for credentials or past indiscretions that might call into question the employee’s ability to complete the job satisfactorily.

A contractor who claims to be licensed, bonded and insured should expect to be able to prove it when asked by a client. The Better Business Bureau is another resource that enables staffing managers to see if past consumers have lodged any complaints. Asking for references should not be off the table. A quick call to a past customer to make sure they were completely satisfied with the work is simply a matter of due diligence.

An estimated 37 percent of applicants admit to falsifying their application and 16 percent have a criminal record. Those factors might be immediate cause to pass them over in favor of a more tried and true company.

HR managers must consider the pitfalls, including liabilities associated with failures in the background check process. TruDiligence is well-versed in checking the proper databases and offers competitive pricing. We also help keep your company’s name out of negative news stories.

Needlessly losing money and credibility is entirely avoidable. TruDiligence has more than a decade of experience in developing powerful tools that streamline the hiring and selection process by consistently providing fast, accurate information on each candidate. And that’s something you’re welcome to verify.

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