Avoiding Deadly Hiring Errors

“. . . the excavator operator involved with Wednesday’s deadly building collapse in Center City will face six counts of involuntary manslaughter. . . blood tests . . . detected the presence of a prescription painkiller and marijuana. . . Benschop has a history of 11 prior arrests, including a conviction for possession and dealing drugs, ” — CBS News Philly, 6/7/2013

Six people lost their lives and thirteen more were injured in a deadly workplace accident in Center City Philadelphia on June 5th, 2013. The Both Griffin Construction Company and the property owner are now facing civil suits filed on behalf of the dead and injured. The excavator operator involved in the building collapse is facing manslaughter charges.

Tragedies like these beg the question “could this have been prevented?” The answer is “yes.”

A high quality background screening could have revealed the extensive drug arrest history of the excavator operator involved in the collapse. During the application process, if Mr. Behschop’s employer had been aware of his dangerous history, they may have chosen to hire someone with a better record of safety.

If employees in your business regularly operate heavy equipment or perform duties in which lives could be at stake, it is absolutely vital to ensure that a thorough background screening is conducted prior to hiring. Failure to do so can result in tragic consequences.

Fortunately, background screening does not have to drain your human resources department or your wallet. TruDiligence provides a wide array of pre-hiring services which can help you ensure that your applicants meet the high standards required of employees in your business.


Contact us today to discuss how pre-employment screening can help you uncover applicants’ criminal history records, verify educational and other credentials, and employ state-of-the-art technology to help you make sound hiring decisions you won’t later regret.

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