Here Are the Things to Look for in a Background Check Provider


Whether you are trying to get the best candidate to fill a position or avoid legal liabilities for your company, it is crucial to conduct a proper background check.

The market is saturated with background check providers who promise to conduct all the relevant candidate screening services on your behalf. Nevertheless, the chosen company should at least be legally compliant. It must deliver accurate, timely results within a reasonable budget.

Choosing a good background check provider is essential because it will save you money, time, and legal troubles. Here are some pointers to guide you in selecting a background check provider.

Is Bigger Always Better?

Choosing a big-name background check provider does not always guarantee results. The best choice is a provider who has access to up-to-date databases. The provider should have access to all the prerequisite records from local, state, and federal jurisdictions, irrespective of their stature in the industry.

Instead of automatically going with the biggest company, you should concentrate on choosing the company with the least instances of corrections and reinvestigations.

Is the Background Check Provider Legally Compliant?

The chosen provider should work within the confines of FCRA and the relevant local and state laws. Working with a non-compliant provider might be more expensive than hiring a bad candidate.

Our team at Tru Diligence consists of PBSA-certified experts who maintain compliance and undergo regular reviews.

How Fast Can the Background Check Provider Deliver Results?

Background checks often occur under considerable pressure. In most cases, your company eagerly waits for the screening process results for new recruits to move along with the induction process. Hence, your choice of provider should have the necessary resources to ensure results are delivered promptly.

It is not unusual for slow background checks to cause a potentially great hire to get tired of waiting and move on to other opportunities. Nevertheless, be careful with providers who promise instant results. Fast results rarely come with high levels of accuracy.

What Is the Provider’s Level of Technology?

Choose a provider whose technology can facilitate the integration of their services with your platforms. The provider’s technology should be trackable, intuitive, and configurable. Mobile access and automation are other technological areas that a background screening provider should address.

What Is the Provider’s Personal Data Protection Guarantee?

The data privacy protections of the provider should be well laid out. In essence, all personally identifiable information the provider handles should be accompanied by the right safety guarantees against theft and hacking.


Choosing the right background check provider ensures that you maintain a functional recruitment process and comply with human resource laws for employee screening. Contact Tru Diligence, and we can chat about your background check needs and our offers for screening services.

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