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Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

It finally happened: you interviewed the perfect candidate for that difficult-to-fill position you've been working on for months. The candidate's employment history shows both growth and longevity. She has extensive experience with the software…
An HR representative using a tablet for an integrated background check.

Streamline the Hiring Process With Integrated Background Checks

When you're interviewing a candidate, it's very important to do a background check on them. A background check will enable you to see whether the candidate really has all the qualifications which they claim to have. Are they as educated as they…
Implementation of security integration in an interview.

How to Ensure Effective Integration of Background Checks to Other Platforms

The need to incorporate advanced automation and technology integration has greatly increased due to intensified background checks. Having a well-established and efficient background check aids your business limit the workload, eradicate errors,…
An employee placed in an office after undergoing background checks froma a reputable background check provider.

User Experience Makes All the Difference When Selecting a Background Check Provider

More than ever, it is essential to obtain a background check from a reputable background check provider. More people rely on the power of technology to limit face-to-face contact. As the pandemic subsides, and more people return to the workforce,…
A close-up shot of someone using a laptop to review a resume with the best user experience.

User Experience is the Most Important Thing in Background Check Provider Selection

Many businesses and organizations require a background check for more than one reason. Indeed, it's not just to assess how a prospective employee's resume is factual. Despite the usual assessment of a person's educational background, employment…
A manager interviewing a job candidate after performing a background check with a firm with PABS accreditation.

PBSA Accreditation: What Does It Mean?

It is highly important to conduct thorough and compliant background checks with PBSA accreditation. Learn more about this accreditation here.
Verification Services for Businesses and Property Owners

Verification Services for Businesses and Property Owners

In this modern age of technology, there is an enhanced need to feel safe, whether at work or in our living environment. Our company helps companies and landlords conduct screening for employees and tenants, respectively. TruDiligence is a company…
How To Pull Background Checks In Compliance With The FCRA

How to Pull Background Checks in Compliance With the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, also called the FCRA, is federal legislation in the United States. It protects individuals who have their background history pulled. Many employers pull background checks during the hiring process and must ensure…
Employment Verification to Figure Out Your Candidate’s Skillset

Employment Verification to Figure Out Your Candidate’s Skillset

For most people, the work experience of the candidate is the most important factor in determining to hire them. This is because work experience enables people to adapt easily to a new work environment. The fact is that most work environments…
How To Select The Best Background Check Provider

How to Select the Best Background Check Provider

The discipline and performance of employees determine the success of any business. Therefore, recruiting workers is a task that should be taken seriously. This is to ensure that the quality of your goods and services is not compromised. Without…
Why you should choose a PBSA-accredited background check provider

Why You Should Choose a PBSA-Accredited Background Check Provider

Don't risk a lawsuit when hiring a new employee. Choose a high-quality, PBSA-accredited background check provider for high-quality service.
The Difficulty of Investigating Candidates on Your Own

The Difficulty of Investigating Candidates on Your Own

Nowadays, when you watch mystery shows on TV, they make it seem pretty easy to investigate someone. Indeed, just look at their social media accounts and make a few calls to where they work. However, here is why there is difficulty investigating…