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Non-compliant background screening service check list.

The Risks of a Non-Compliant Background Screening Service

Background checks and screening services must go through highly regulated channels to secure their information. Only certain sources and methods are permitted. This is to avoid unlawful access to a person's private information and to ensure…
Corporate staff who make informed hiring decisions welcomes new employee.

How to Make Informed Hiring Decisions at Your Company

A background check is going to give you a lot of information about the candidate that you're considering for employment. Some of the information might be relevant, and some might not be so relevant. It's up to you, as the employer, to decide…
Woman pointing to a laptop screen with icons on virtual screen to suggest AI in background screening.

The Role of AI in Background Screening Services

Artificial Intelligence, or "AI" for short, has become the talking point of the business world. Business people use this buzzword for every manner of automation under the sun. No matter where you look, AI is taking a greater role in every industry…
Hiring manager with the HR team shaking hands with the new hire, who was screened by a background check provider with PBSA accreditation.

The Importance of PBSA Accreditation

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process. They serve a twofold purpose, preventing you from hiring shady characters while validating valuable job applicants' hard-won credentials. To find out this critical information, however,…
Woman shaking hands with the new employee who did not fall for the background check curtain.

Peeking Behind the Background Check Curtain

Background checks have become a fundamental aspect of the hiring process. Job seekers expect it. Hiring managers rely on them. Background checking has become a big industry. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that with great success, there can…
HR team shaking hands with a candidate after completing background checks in an office.

5 Ways in Which Background Checks Can Protect Your Company

What are the things that employers generally look for when they're hiring someone? They want someone who is qualified for the position. Someone with the appropriate college degree, as well as a certain number of years of work experience. They're…
Two colleagues conducting background screening on new candidate during a job interview.

How Does Background Screening Help Your Company in the Long Run?

Most HR professionals and business owners understand the importance of background screening when they're hiring a candidate. After all, you want to make sure that the candidate is going to be a good one. You might want to make sure they don't…
A businesswoman running a background check on her laptop.

Integration of Background Checks to Other Platforms

  Employers must decide for themselves which kind of platform they will ultimately run their background screenings through. However, there are situations when it might be necessary for an employer to switch the platform that they are using…
Business people shaking hands while running background checks in an office.

3 Compelling Reasons to Run Background Checks on Employees Dealing With Children

  Most companies want to ensure they are thoroughly screening everyone they hire by running background checks. However, it is vital to be even more cautious about which applicants you employ, if they will come into contact with children. Some…
Woman shaking hands with interviewers who will be conducting background screening.

Background Screening: Why They Still Matter

There is little doubt that every business owner would like to know with complete certainty that they are hiring someone whose history they are informed about. This is to say that they need to be certain that they know what kind of people they…
An office executive's hand holding a pen and resume, interviewing a job applicant

Statistics on Background Screening for Employment

A background screening is generally used when considering hiring someone for a job. They help employers ensure that they're hiring someone who will be a good fit for their company. Statistics show that about 42.6 million Americans admit to lying…
Man holding a pen reviewing a checklist on a tablet to suggest the accreditation process of a background check provider.

Why Is a Rigorous Accreditation Process Important for a Background Check Provider?

When you're choosing a background check provider, it makes sense to get one with PBSA accreditation. The PBSA is the Professional Background Screening Association which has the BSOAP i.e. the Background Screening Organization Accreditation Program.…