How Can a Background Check Give You the Peace of Mind You Need?

How Can a Background Check Give You the Peace of Mind You Need?

Anyone who is in the hiring business nowadays knows that a background check is necessary. In fact, the process of getting a background check has become mandatory whenever you hire someone new. There are times when the candidates themselves bring their background checks along so that you can see that they are, in fact, who they claim to be.

Does a background check ensure that the person in front of you is telling you the entire truth? Can it give you the peace of mind you need when you’re hiring someone? Here are some of the things you can verify with one:

A Background Check Verifies a Candidate’s Education

Is the candidate really as well-educated as s/he claims to be? Did they get the GPA that they have listed on their resume? Were they really in all those honor societies? Were they a presidential scholar?

Candidate’s Employment History

Does the candidate have as many years of work experience as they claim to have? Have they worked at all the companies they claim to have worked at? Did they leave those companies for the reasons they claim to have left?

Candidate’s Skills

Did the candidate really study all those foreign languages? Did they live in the foreign countries where they claim to have picked up those languages? Lastly, did they do a computer course which gave them the computer skills they claim to have? At some point, you may actually have to sit the candidate down and give them a test for these skills. But if they claim to have picked up the skills by taking a course or visiting a country, a background check can verify that.

Candidate’s Law Enforcement History

Has the candidate ever been arrested? Were they ever convicted? Did they go to jail or get community service? Have they served out their term? A background check will tell you all this.

Subjective Information

What do the people at the candidate’s previous places of employment have to say about them? Did they do their work well and get along with people? Or did they struggle to do the work that was assigned to them and have a hard time communicating with bosses and colleagues?

Learn More About a Background Check

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