Does Your Background Check Process Meet Compliance Obligations?

Does Your Background Check Process Meet Compliance Obligations?

Background check compliance will continue to be a hot topic throughout 2020. From data breaches to lawsuits, it is critical that employers follow the right strategies and protocols to protect their workplace. When conducting background checks and other screenings, it is important for you to exercise your due diligence so you can protect your business and the reputation you have worked so hard to create. Learn more about if your background check process meets compliance obligations.

Data Breaches

Data breaches can happen every year. Some businesses and organizations suffer through multiple data breaches a year. Unfortunately, many businesses and organizations only make the proper security changes within their workplace after a data breach takes place. In fact, it is important to do your part in safeguarding the personal information of every job applicant.

We understand that no system truly guarantees the safety and security of one’s information. However, it is important to become more vigilant of how we use and share information. Even when you believe you are using the best security strategies and measures that have been made available, it is important to remain proactive throughout the entire hiring process through compliance obligations.

Employee Information

You will handle a significant amount of employee information on a consistent basis, so it is important to follow the proper protocol so you can protect the information of those who have submitted applications and other documents that contain sensitive information. Using screening technology and following the proper security protocols can be an effective way to improve the experience you offer the individuals who have completed applications.

As an employer, there is pressure to safeguard information. We encourage you to partner with a firm that specializes in background checks and compliant employment screenings. You do not have to clear these hurdles on your own.

Learn More About Background Check Compliance Obligations

When was the last time you examined your employment screening and background check policies? Contact us today for more information on how to remain compliant throughout the entire employee search process.

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