How to Find a Background Check Provider That Goes the Extra Mile

Woman shaking hands with a background check provider that goes the extra mile.

There are certain things that everyone is looking for from a new employee. First, they want someone reliable, who shows up on time, works dedicatedly and will stay for the long run. But unfortunately, employees like this are hard to find. Whether relying on the employee’s academic and work background or your gut feeling about that employee, you might still hire someone who doesn’t fit all your requirements. The problem is that the hiring process is not 100% effective. It needs to be backed up with a background check provider that goes the extra mile.

Smaller Background Check Provider Goes the Extra Mile

When it comes to background check providers, you can go with a big one who will give you run-of-the-mill, mass-produced background checks. You can also go with a small provider who will give you more personalized services. All businesses are not the same and all employees are not the same. All background check providers are also not the same. It makes more sense to go with a smaller background check provider who will try to understand your needs and go the extra mile to ensure you hire the right employees.

Small Providers Will Focus on You

Whether you’re in the HR department or the business owner, it makes sense to work with a small background check provider who will understand your needs. They will work with you to hire the kind of employees who will be good for your company. A small background check provider will be able to do the following for you:

  1. Focus on Your Needs: A small background check provider can discuss exactly what is most important to you. They will run a more detailed background check of that aspect of the candidate’s background. For example, suppose the employee’s work experience matters most. In that case, the background check provider will ask more detailed questions about the employee’s performance when they call their previous employers.
  2. Understand Your Time Frame: A small background check provider will also be more understanding of the time frame in which you need the background checks. A large background check provider churns out the hundreds or thousands of background checks. They have a fixed time frame that they can’t alter for your needs.
  3. Value You as a Client: For a large background check provider, your business is going to be one of many that they run background checks for. They may not care much about your business because they’re looking for more volume. But for a small background check provider, all business is of value. They will put the same amount of effort even into a small account.

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