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Background Check Provider Selection: User Experience Matters

One of the most basic steps in obtaining employment with many of the major companies is the completion of a background check. A background check does not only allow potential employers to check the validity of a candidate’s resume but it will also provide an employer with essential information about a candidate’s criminal background, education, and employment history. However, the programs and companies that are running the background checks sometimes forget about one of the things that matter most to the companies that use them, and that is the user experience.

What Is User Experience?

User experience is how someone feels when they are associating themselves with a digital product. User experience covers a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Design of the system
  • Performance

Usability vs. User Experience

It is important to remember that these factors, and more, can be controlled by the developers of the system and the designers of the system. User experience is not the same as usability. Usability is the degree to which something can be used. In this sense, it is the effectiveness of the system or site’s design and how complex or easy it is for a user to navigate through. User experience involves the experience, emotion, etc. that someone feels while actually using the site or system. While usability and user experience are not the same, they are both major parts of the complete user experience.

Background Checks

Unfortunately, many background check companies do not provide the best overall user experience. Successful background check programs will provide a clean and user-friendly platform that elicits engagement. A background check provider that provides a platform that users are comfortable using will have a major impact on the businesses that are performing the background checks on potential candidates.

It is very important that background check providers take their platform and the type of experience they offer its users. No one will want to use a platform that is difficult to use and unappealing to view. Users want to use a product they will love interacting with. The digital world is constantly changing, and the background check industry will need to keep up with the changes.


How much does user experience matter to you when it comes to a background check platform? Contact us today for more information on background check providers and the user experience.

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