How Background Check Providers Can Create the Best User Experience

Some companies shy away from comprehensive background checks because they want to avoid making candidates feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily guilty.

Hiring the wrong person with the wrong background could create legal, operational and managerial headaches. This is why choosing the right background check providers creates a comfortable, trusted user experience.

And getting the hires you want is as easy as following the guidelines below.

Consistent Communication

Candidates want to know why their personal information is required, who will see it, and when the results can be expected.

Some candidates worry minor criminal details, such as traffic infractions or irrelevant legal proceedings, may impact their job candidacy.

Background check providers usually start out by explaining to candidates their legal rights. This includes gathering the data and what information is permissible. Candidates should be told the process milestones and when they will receive updates.

This goes a long way in building a comfortable, communicative zone where discussing sensitive events can proceed should red flags arise.

Streamlined Processes

Background check providers use traditional forms and bureaucratic processes to gather large amounts of information.

Therefore, many processes are manual and require elaborate data entry. This can takes days to get results to clients. This simply delays the time to communicate the results to candidates.

The first step of a speedy and successful background check experience is making the information entry process user-friendly as possible. Improving the user interface design, such as through mobile and web-based solutions, encourages more applicants to respond and promptly follow directions.

Customized and Authentic Emails

Generic email invitations are more likely to be ignored or treated like spam.

Customized emails that contain the customer’s logo, brand and contact info will make the job applicant feel like a valued person and not just another number in a sales funnel. Sometimes, the first impression candidates make about an employer is the initial background check email that they receive.

This email provides the best opportunity to share legal disclosures and process overviews. It assists in building the applicant’s interest in the role and promotes the expectation of a transparent background check experience.


The more respected and involved that job candidates feel, the more likely they are to engage the company and follow through to the end.

Contact us to learn about the technology tools and communication methods that establish trust, create a dialogue, and streamline the background check experience.

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