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Is Your Background Check Service Helping You Stay FCRA Compliant?

Being FCRA compliant is the responsibility of both the employer – or the entity requesting a background check – and the screening partner. But just because different liabilities fall on the two entities separately doesn’t mean your background check service shouldn’t help you out. There are a lot of regulations and requirements in the FCRA, or the Fair Credit Reporting Act, designed to protect consumers and the subject of a background check. Look for a service that helps you stay FCRA compliant and keep your company protected.

Does the Background Check Portal Integrate With Your HR Department’s Software?

There are a lot of moving parts to FCRA compliance. You have to get consent from applicants and consumers before starting a background check. You have to clearly document any adverse decisions that are made as a result of a background check. There are even timelines to allow consumers to protest information on the report. If these deadlines and checklists aren’t part of your HR department’s dashboard, someone might accidentally violate the act.

Look for services that keep their software integration current so your recruiters don’t have to juggle several different windows and FCRA compliance requirements as they are sorting through applicants.

Is the Service User-Friendly?

Not staying FCRA compliant can be expensive. Companies lose millions of dollars every year to legal fees and settlements because of errors and skipped steps. But if your background check portal is complicated, confusing, or even just inconvenient to use, it increases the risk that your employees might not fully comply with the requirements. Everything from responsive design to having colored alerts and automatic messages can help stop employees from making expensive mistakes. Look for a service that has friendly reminders, makes waiting periods clear, and provides transparent documentation. Not only will that help your HR recruiters make day-to-day decisions, it means your internal audit team can easily check for compliance.

Stay FCRA Compliant With TruDiligence

If you don’t think your current background check service is doing enough to help you, go to TruDiligence. We are happy to answer your questions, walk you through our system, and give you the easy organization you’re looking for.

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