3 Things Your Background Checking Service Should Offer

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Background checks are just one part of the puzzle when it comes to hiring a new employee and turning down the other applicants. Find a company that can help you keep their background checking service quick and organized. This way you can keep the process moving with these three services:

1. Custom Packages Based on the Position

There’s no one-size-fits-all background check. Different companies need different degrees of information. For example, if you frequently work with the government, you need to make sure your employees can get the security clearance they need. If you work with children, you need to make sure your company and your customers are protected. Even different positions demand different screening packages. So look for a service that has what you’re looking for and can help you find it.

2. Clear Pricing and Turnaround Times

A slow hiring process makes your company lose out on top talent. Unexpected expenses can also eat into your budget and lose you with less money than you thought at the end of the quarter. Make sure your background checking service isn’t just giving you the details of your applicants. There also shouldn’t be a question about any state fees, processing fees, or known delays.

3. Consulting for Compliance Issues

FCRA compliance and other regulations are tricky. Even if you and your team have the best of intentions, it’s easy to accidentally use information the wrong way. It’s even easier when you have a small business and this is your first time expanding.

Look for a service that also offers consulting services. A professional company can help you make sure you have protocols in place that guide every background check request. It’s also important to have the right cybersecurity measures and permission sets in place. Consultants can also help you make sure your department documents every hiring (and not hiring) decision properly so you have solid evidence in the event of a claim.

Learn More About a Background Checking Service

Your background checking service should be offering more than documents. They should be giving you support. Go to TruDiligence if you want a background screening service that can help you protect your company.

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