Background checks help avoid costly hiring mistakes

Selecting the perfect person for a job vacancy can be a tricky business. After all, how can a manager know if the job candidate’s top skill isn’t just simply interviewing well?

The prerequisites for most new-hires include an unblemished criminal record and some sort of educational background in the field for which they are applying. But sadly, cost-cutting has reduced the amount of research being done before a job seeker is hired on, leaving businesses vulnerable to the whims of someone who might not care about reputation or serving the customer according to company standards.

The financial toll of hiring mistakes can be staggering, and it’s not only tied to the squandered salary. Costs for training, severance packages and finding a replacement add up quickly. And the damage inflicted to the company’s public image is another topic in itself.

You might have heard the story about the pharmacy technician at a national chain who was busted for stealing pharmaceuticals and reselling them on the streets. It turns out the guy had a prior history of peddling drugs. The company, clearly embarrassed by the scandal, chalked up the mistake to a “hiring oversight.” But the damage was done.

TruDiligence, a leader in validating credentials and obtaining down-to-the-detail history reports on potential employees, covers all of the bases. Clients choose the level of screening and, therefore, determine the final cost of each background check. Finding a background-screening firm that can process dozens of candidates in a short period of time for a low price is an essential ingredient in efficiently building a team that can execute the employer’s mission with precision.

Weeding out the applicants that don’t fit the specified job description before the interviewing process saves time and money for human resources specialists and hiring managers.

Performing the proper due diligence could ultimately prevent a terrible mistake, one that might be irreversible and expensive. TruDiligence equips decision-makers with tools that make the job a little easier and protect the company’s interests.

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