Are You Using Background Checks Before Hiring Temporary Employees?

lifeguard is a temporary employee

Many businesses experience their peak periods during either the winter or summer season. Companies in these industries will usually hire temporary employees to help fulfill the demands of these months.

Seasonal Businesses

There are various businesses like fitness centers, recreational parks, amusement parks, retail stores, and more that will experience employment spikes during the busy summer months. Also, retail stores will increase their workforce during the fall months as they prepare for the holiday season.

Temporary Hires

Employers that choose to bring on temporary help may be too ready to hire new people. Indeed, they might skip some key practices in the hiring process. It is important to not forget the importance of using background checks to hire new employees. Some businesses believe that it is not necessary to use background checks on temporary employees because they will not have full access to critical company information or all of the workplace facilities. However, workers who are dishonest can become a serious threat to the safety of other employees. Dishonest workers can also pose threats to the integrity of your entire business.

The Risks

Employers who do not take the necessary steps will put themselves at risk. Indeed, if you are too relaxed when it comes to hiring temporary employees, you will put everyone in your workplace at risk. You could be held responsible for making a negligent hiring decision if a new candidate causes harm to the workplace.

Learn More About Hiring Temporary Employees

You should make sure to screen seasonal staff in the same way you would for your full-time employees. Before conducting background checks, you will need to receive permission from the job seekers. It is important that protocols are followed at all times to ensure everyone understands what will be included in the background check and how the results will be used.

We want you to make the right hiring decision this summer and moving ahead as you prepare to bring in new talent. Contact us today to find out more about our background check services.

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