Does Your Background Checks Policy Need to Be Updated?

Does Your Background Checks Policy Need To Be Updated?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we approach nearly everything, including employment. When it comes to employment, a background checks policy, hiring, etc. entire processes have been changed.

The stay-at-home orders mean employers can no longer schedule face-to-face interviews before hiring someone. This accentuates the importance of successfully completing background checks. However, extensive closures have resulted in a decreased ability to access relative information and documents.

Updating Due to COVID-19

While there are many companies that have halted their hiring process and others have limited the number of new job candidates they would consider hiring, there are others who have increased their hiring activities. Getting people back into the workforce is becoming critical. TruDiligence wants you to know that we can still help you with your background check needs, or whatever you may need at the time.

We can fulfill background checks thanks to our access to digital records and other resources. We fully understand that many employers have a variety of questions to ask as they try to navigate through these changes. If your background check process has changed due to this unforgettable pandemic, we encourage you to make updates to your background checks policy.

Your updated policy should successfully outline your new screening practices across your entire business or organization. Your background checks policy should also apply to everyone. Based on the job candidates you need to hire for specific positions, the nature of the background check packages may not all be the same.

New Policy

Your background check policy should include the following:

  • The type of background checks you will conduct
  • How often employees will be screened
  • How background check results will play a role in the evaluation
  • If you will hire potential employees provisionally

Learn More About Updating Your Background Checks Policy 

If you determine that changes need to be made to your background checks policy, we encourage you to update. For information on how you can update your background screening policy and the changes you may need to make, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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