Background Checks Protect Your Business, Your Employees, and Your Customers

“Hotel chains sued over alleged rape of guests.”

Not a headline you want associated with your business.  However in April of this year this is exactly what the owners of two hotel chains in Mesa Arizona saw in regards to their hotels.  They did not conduct a background check on a front desk clerk and unknowingly hired a high risk sex offender.   Due to their negligence, this man used his master key to enter the rooms of two separate women and rape them.  The hotels now face a lawsuit and a blackened reputation.  More importantly, they did not protect their guests.


Negligent hiring headlines like these are, unfortunately, too common.  An employer, relying on what their gut tells them from interviews and applications, makes a mistake in hiring.  And that mistake then hurts his business by both opening them up for lawsuits and by blackening their reputation.  More importantly, that mistake causes harm to a customer or another employee.


Background checks are common today.   But just a background check alone is not enough.  Whether the business is a school, a trucking company, a hospital, a retailer, a manufacturer or any other business; good, thorough, and fast background checks are a necessity today.   Just as hiring by instinct leads to mistakes so too can slow and incomplete background checks that rely on outdated information lead to tragic mistakes.


TruDiligence is a leading provider of applicant screening products and services.   More than just a “data provider” we provide a complete range of screening services and tools to help protect your business, your employees, and your customers.   Contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

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