Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

It finally happened: you interviewed the perfect candidate for that difficult-to-fill position you’ve been working on for months. The candidate’s employment history shows both growth and longevity. She has extensive experience with the software used in the role. Perhaps most importantly, the candidate is the ideal fit for your company’s culture. As you prepare to make an offer, you think to yourself: Is a background check really necessary? 

Why Background Checks Are Critical to Making Good Hires

Safety First

Arguably the most compelling reason to conduct background checks during the hiring process is to avoid putting the employer, employees, and customers in harm’s way. Criminal checks can help reduce the likelihood of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace. They can also help employers avoid claims of negligent hiring.

Enhance Productivity

Employers want the best and brightest staff representing their companies. Good hires lead to increased morale; increased morale leads to enhanced productivity. One way to help ensure top-notch hires is through background checks, including reference checks. It’s one thing to read about a candidate’s accomplishments on a resume; it’s quite another to hear about his timeliness, reliability, and work ethic from a former manager.

Maintain Company Reputation

Businesses have reputations to uphold in their communities. Additionally, it’s important to remember that employees are direct representatives of their employers; that is, all employees are reflective of their company’s values. Conducting background checks as part of the hiring process helps ensure that companies are hiring candidates that they feel proud to have to represent them in the community. In fact, the simple act of conducting background checks during the hiring process can potentially help save businesses thousands of dollars in lost customer revenue.


So, are background checks really necessary as part of the hiring process? Unequivocally, the answer is yes. In fact, they increase business productivity, keep employees protected in the workplace, and are key to maintaining a solid reputation in the community. For more information about the importance of background checks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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