Background Screening Myths And Misconcpetions

Background Screening Myths And Misconcpetions

There are many myths and misconceptions about background screenings and why they should not be done. Background screenings seem like a huge task to handle. However, those who believe the myths should feel comfortable knowing that those myths are simply that.

Every Background Screening Company Is The Same

This is not true. Not all background screening companies are the same. Some people will want to take the cheapest route because of this thinking. You will not find a single database that will give you all the information on someone’s criminal history. You will also not be able to obtain a background screening in a matter of seconds. If you are trying to take the easy route to getting a background check on someone and come across something that seems too good, then it probably is and you should stay away.

Our Company Is Small, So We Do Not Need To Do Background Screenings

What type of company do you think would have more to lose? A small company or a large company? If a small company hires the wrong person, that company could lose a significant amount of money that it probably won’t be able to get back as quickly as a large business. The fee for background screenings is not overly priced, so why not pay the fee and avoid risking money in the future?

Employers Will Not Hire Someone Who Has A Criminal History

We understand that potential employees with a criminal history will worry about that when they apply for a job. There are plenty of things that will be taken into consideration when it comes to a criminal record. How long has it been since the person committed the crime? Does the committed crime relate to the job in any way? Potential employees should not avoid applying for a job because of their criminal history. There is always a chance that the person can still be hired for the position.

Some people may think that they can just find all the information they need on Google and social media sites, but this is not true. Yes, there is a significant amount of information online, but will it tell you all you need to know about a potential employee?

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