Why Your Background Screening Agency Needs NAPBS Accreditation

Young man interviewing at an office after NAPBS background compliance was met

The internet has enabled storage and sharing of formal documents online. The luxury of finding information with little effort has triggered an exponential growth of background screening firms in recent times.

By 2018, the Background Check Services industry had grown by 3.8% in five years. Such development comes with a mix of new talent and rogue players out to exploit the market. Regulation is therefore essential to maintain industry standards. Luckily, the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) works relentlessly to keep order in the American space.

Here are the reasons for insisting on an NAPBS accredited screening services provider.

Assurance of Integrity

NAPBS requires its accredited members to maintain integrity while serving their clients. Their results must be trustable and verifiable. Since the goal of background screening is to enhance trust, NAPBS sets the professional standards and ethics bar high for service providers.


Screening firms must adhere to the federal and state laws in their practice. Equally, clients who order background checks must understand that the utilization of screening reports is subject to some regulations.

NAPBS ensures that background screening service providers understand and comply with laws and regulations. An accredited firm can also help you to appreciate your legal obligations in using screening reports.

Collaboration and Sharing

Members of NAPBS brainstorm with their peers to develop ideas that improve the whole background screening playground. Indeed, accreditation equips screening agencies with the knowledge required to provide exceptional services to their clients.

Security and Privacy

Most security breaches result from failed internal controls rather than external attacks. Having state-of-the-art technology is not enough to seal privacy threats.

Further, NAPBS accredited agencies must hold regular training for their staff and run effective processes to protect the information they process.

Find an NAPBS Accredited Screening Expert

Be sure to hire an NAPBS accredited company for all your background screening needs. You will enjoy superior services coupled with unparalleled customer service.

For more information about background screening, contact TruDiligence for expert advice.

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