Let a Background Screening Provider Verify Your Job Candidates Educational Background

Let a Background Screening Provider Verify Your Job Candidates Educational Background

One of the most falsified sections on resumes and applications is the candidate’s educational background.


Many roles within a company will require the candidate to have a specific degree or educational background. As a result, many job candidates choose to omit details about their educational background. Many candidates believe the employer will not take the time to check their resume check for accuracies.

Why You Need A Background Screening Provider

It’s surprising just how many job candidates are exposed for lying. Whether they stretched the truth on their resume or took credit where it was not due, this can mean trouble when filling new or open positions.

Employers utilize background screening providers for their job candidates to ensure they have high-quality employees with the background and knowledge base to thrive in the role and with the company.

When you use a background screening provider, you have every opportunity to get to know the candidate you are considering. A background screening can verify the school the job candidate attended, the major, and the type of degree they received. For candidates who have yet to graduate, you will still receive verification of the job candidate’s major and the expected date of graduation, all in an intuitive and comprehensive report.

Benefits of Education Verification Screening

When you use a background screening service, you will be able to validate if the job candidate is being honest about his or her educational background. You will be able to validate the following information:

  • The school the job candidate attended
  • The diploma, certificate, or degree type
  • Major/Minor
  • Date of graduation

It is essential that you take the right steps in verifying the candidate meets the requirements for the position – education verification is a piece of the whole picture.

If you want to relieve yourself of the stress of verifying if a job candidate is honest about their educational background or anything else, contact us today for additional information.

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