How Background Screenings Help Maintain High Standards in the Healthcare Industry

healthcare industry

Healthcare professionals reflect the highest levels of ethical standards. Thus, expect trustworthy care for their patients. When it comes to healthcare staffing, an applicant’s history matters.

To maintain high standards, federal laws now require background screening of all healthcare professionals. A majority of states do as well. In addition to past employment and education, a healthcare institution or facility needs to confirm an applicant is properly licensed or certified, and that the license or certification has no restrictions, sanctions or debarments. Ways to identify this information include:

License and Certification Verification

The provider reviews and verifies all licenses and certifications, so there is no doubt of legitimacy.

FDA Debarment Check

By reviewing the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Debarment list, it identifies any individuals convicted of criminal misconduct relating to the development, approval, or other related action of a drug product.

Healthcare Sanction Check

Sanction checks look for disciplinary actions taken against an individual by federal and state agencies, as well as licensing boards and certification agencies. The search results may include letters of reprimand, debarments, probation, or exclusions.

Other Problematic Issue Check

Review FACIS® reports about physicians and medical staff. FACIS stands for Fraud and Abuse Control Information System. Further, it is a database maintained by Verisys Corporation who specializes in healthcare data.

Learn More About Background Checks for the Healthcare Industry

Hire reliable professionals after pre-employment screening and background checks geared specifically to the industry. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive background screening for your healthcare staffing needs.

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