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How Background Screenings Save Trucking Fleets Money

Background screening of all drivers is required by the FMCSA. The FMCSA requires a minimum of three years’ work and driving experience of potential employees. While the trucking industry is increasingly hiring felons to combat the truck driver shortage, it’s important that trucking companies continue to monitor their drivers.

Proper screening can help trucking fleets save money by:

Reducing Cargo Loss and Accident Risks 

Hiring high-risk drivers put a trucking fleet’s cargo at-risk. A thorough background screening can alert fleets to high-risk drivers or new occurrences of accidents that are not job-related. Hiring conservatively can help lower the risk of cargo loss and accidents.

Lowering Employee Turnover 

Driving school costs $3,000 to $7,000 on average, and a lot of trucking companies are paying the tuition of potential drivers due to the driver shortage. Screenings can help lower the risk of employee turnover.

Background screening can help fleets understand a potential driver’s:

  • Previous employment history with hire and fire dates
  • Positions held at previous companies
  • Discrepancies between information provided

Hiring reliable, trustworthy drivers will reduce turnover and money lost training drivers that have a history of leaving employment quickly.

Reducing Job Performance Issues 

Our conditional background screening reduces the risk of possible liability from both alcohol and drug abuse. Medical concerns, which often result in job performance issues, are also eliminated thanks to the pre-employment and re-certification exams available.

We’re also able to conduct a check on previous workers’ compensation claims to uncover any claims that may be questionable from the potential driver’s past.

Learn More About How Background Screenings Save Trucking Fleets Money

A thorough understanding of current and potential drivers allows trucking fleets to evaluate their risks when hiring a new driver. The risk reduction leads to fewer accidents, medical concerns which may keep an employee from meeting the job’s duties and also reduces the risk of cargo loss.

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