Background Screenings For Seasonal Job Candidates

Male manager interviewing a seasonal employee after background screening her to avoid internal theft.

One of the most common types of theft in the retail industry is also one of the most preventable. Do you know what it is? If you think it is internal theft, you are correct. While there could be a long list of research links and statistics, but you probably do not need those statistics to know that this does happen the most.

Seasonal Hiring

There are many businesses in various industries that experience a peak in their demand and sales during the summer, fall, and winter months. These are also the seasons that managers begin to look through a pile of applications and resumes. Employers are looking for temporary help so they can have enough people on staff to accommodate the increase in demand during these times of the year.

Many businesses find themselves scrambling so they can eventually find the right people to hire so they can be trained and ready to go. Unfortunately, many business owners and managers may not think about conducting background checks and background screenings. Sometimes this can turn into a mistake that leads to internal theft.

Background Screening is Always Important

Some businesses believe that background screenings are not necessary if the employees are going to be hired on a temporary basis. Although temporary employees may not have full access to information like permanent employees, a worker who is dishonest can be a major threat to your business’s integrity and the safety of your other employees.

A business that does not take the time to screen all job applicants, even the temporary job applicants, are putting their entire business, their customer base, and their employees at risk for internal theft. A business could be held liable if the dishonest temporary employee harms another person while in the workplace.

Your business should conduct background screenings for your seasonal employees the same way you would with your permanent employees. You should also make sure you use a reputable background screening service. Before background screenings are conducted, you will need permission from the job candidates.

Learn More About Internal Theft

Are you getting ready to hire seasonal employees? Contact us today for more information on our background screenings to avoid internal theft.

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