To Find The Best Background Check Provide, Consider The Overall User Experience

To Find the Best Background Check Provider, Consider the Overall User Experience

It is easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that bigger is always better. This is especially true when contracting with a background check provider to help screen job applicants. However, the biggest providers do not provide the level of customer service that we can. Here are some tips to find the best background check provider that enhances user experience.

Nationally Accredited With Customers Always in Our Mind

Here at TruDiligence, we are so proud of the efforts that our team makes every day to create optimal customer service for every customer that we interact with. It is a reality that has allowed us to become nationally accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association. This association looks at the entire industry of background screening providers and offers their accreditation only to those who meet their rigorous set of high standards. We, indeed, meet those qualifications and continue to do everything within our power to maintain that seal or approval.

Diverse Services for Your Peace of Mind 

We go beyond the standard criminal background check in all that we offer. Yes, you can start by ordering a criminal background check. However, we know that you probably want some additional layers of services for optimal user experience. That is why we also provide the following:

  • Educational Screenings
  • Experience Screenings
  • Credit Reports (where legally allowed)
  • Social Media Scanning

Work With the Best Background Check Provider for User Experience

Each of these components (and many other services we have on offer) create the foundation for understanding what kind of background your applicant really has. You want to know as much as possible about this person before they ever take a seat at a desk in your office, and we can provide that to you.

Best of all, we can do all of this at a price that beats what the big companies offer. With that in mind, please contact us for additional information about how we can assist you with your background screenings at a reasonable price.

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