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Creating a Better Background Check Experience for Candidates

The recruitment process for potential employees has become increasingly competitive over the last two years. With more job seekers on the market, employers have to ensure they are offering the best candidate experience possible. This includes designing a better background check in compliance with the FCRA. Not only does this help to acquire top talent, but it also means better retention rates and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

One major HR opportunity: The background check

One key area where employers can make an impact is in the HR background check stage of their hiring process. Background checks can be a lengthy and tedious task for both candidates and recruiters alike, with long wait times often causing frustration for those involved — potentially leading to a negative experience that could put off potential hires. 

Fortunately, advances in technology now mean that companies no longer have to rely on manual processes when searching through an applicant’s background information. With tools such as TruDiligence’s self-entry portal, employers can provide applicants with a much simpler and faster background check experience — one that minimizes disruption from their day-to-day work lives and ensures that all necessary information is accurately captured without requiring any paperwork or physical signatures. 

Using tech to create a better candidate experience

TruDiligence’s self-entry portal works by sending candidates an email invitation containing a secure URL link, which will lead them directly to the online application form where they can input their details quickly. 

By utilizing this kind of technology, employers can create a much smoother candidate experience during the HR background check stage of recruitment — one which is both secure and speedy, helping to improve overall staff engagement and retention rates in the long run. 

Ultimately, advanced technologies like TruDiligence’s self-entry portal offer organizations a unique opportunity to stand out from competitors when hiring new talent, by providing candidates with an efficient yet personalized experience throughout the entire recruitment process. Contact our team today to learn how our tools can help you hire better, easier!

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