Background Screening On Your New Hires: What Kind of History Does the Prospect Have?

Finding good talent for your company is already rare, and you may sometimes overlook a prospect’s history just to gain their reported skills. However, not checking the employee’s past can end up haunting you down the road.

Consider that the candidate could cover up some aspects of their life that you could have found earlier with better vetting methods.

Here’s how a comprehensive background check system can scope out the truth about all your prospective employees.

Finding True Employment History

When you work with a quality background check company, they’ll go beyond just finding general information. They’ll work harder to dig deep into the prospect so you’ll know exactly which employers they worked for, and company opinion.

This can become accomplished by spending more time directly contacting past employers to back up any information on the candidate’s resume. It also means confirming identities since the employee might have changed their name since they last held a job.

Giving You Faster Results

You may need to get your prospects in a hurry to fill your job role in a hurry. Vetting on your own could take weeks if not even months. Other background screening companies may work as slowly, forcing you to take a risk hiring the candidate just to fill the role.

Any background check company worth using needs to have state-of-the-art technology to conduct searches. This includes integrated tracking platforms that allow you to monitor the entire vetting process so you’re not left in the dark.

It should also include fast turnaround times to avoid losing your candidate to a possible competitor.

International Searches as Well as National

Some of your candidates might come from overseas, or perhaps worked there temporarily. You’ll find it challenging searching records in other countries on your own.

Be sure to look and see if your background check service does international background checks. The candidate you’re considering might have a significant history there that belies what they mention on their application.

Quality Without Costing a Fortune

You can’t always find a background service that offers more comprehensive history searches without charging extra for thorough checks. Many of the best ones give you a competitive price to stay above their own competitors who overcharge.

When the service adds regulatory consulting, you’ll have a complete package on searching a prospect’s history. At the same time, you’ll want assurance the agency has national accreditation and FCRA certification.

Here at TruDiligence, you can expect all of the above with the best methods for candidate history searches in the industry.

Contact us to find out more about our background search services and our attention to pricing based on value.

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