Three Things You Can Learn Through Background Checks

We all know that an employer runs a background check on us before we get hired… but what does that mean? What stones does an average check turn over in your life, and what aspects can you expect to have a light shined on them? Well, if you’ve never been the subject of a background check before, or you’re running one for the first time, these are three aspects that will come up.

3 Things You Can Learn Through Background Checks

#1: Criminal History

The first thing any background check looks for is criminal history. Because criminal records are public records, finding out what offenses someone has committed, and any criminal punishments that have been served, is fairly simple.

#2: Education and Employment

Beyond criminal history, which is where some “basic” checks stop, is where someone was educated, and where they’ve worked. If a background check is being run for a job applicant then they will likely provide this information for you, but a background check will verify that what a potential employer was told is correct.

#3: Civil History

What most people don’t realize is that huge swaths of their lives are on record. Their credit history, rental and home ownership, marriages and divorces, birth, and even adoption records are all available for public perusal. What a background check does is parse through all these records, and paint a picture of an individual’s life, presenting as a whole instead of in disparate pieces.

These are just the big, broad strokes that come with a full background check. If you’d like to learn more about the process, and to see how it can be advantageous to you, then contact us today!

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