Employee Background Screening Services

The Impact of Employee Background Checks on Employee Retention

Is high employee turnover costing your business? Employee background checks help you make quality hires, boosting retention and strong teams.
PBSA Accreditation Explained: What it Means and Why It Matters

PBSA Accreditation: Why it’s the Gold Standard in Background Screening

PBSA accreditation is the gold standard and ensures background check companies prioritize accuracy, security and legal compliance.
FCRA Background Checks

FCRA Compliance And Why It Is Paramount In Any Employer’s Screening Process

Discover why FCRA compliance is crucial in employment screening process. Ensure legal adherence with expert insights on background checks.
Enhancing User Experience through the Right Background Screening Partner

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Background Screening Partner

In this blog, we will equip you with the knowledge and key factors to consider when selecting the right background screening partner.
The Importance of Employee Background Checks

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: The Importance of Employee Background Checks

The job of a Human Resource personnel isn't easy. They spend countless hours crafting the perfect job description, sifting through hundreds of resumes, and conducting a marathon interview session.
Woman handing out papers while asking job candidates to pay for their background checks in an office.

Can You Charge Job Applicants for Their Background Check?

In a traditional hiring process, the company absorbs the full cost of hiring as they interview and review possible candidates. However, sometimes a company looking to streamline will wonder if you can have job candidates to pay for their background…
Man talking to an applicant during a job interview, following the right hiring practices.

FCRA Compliance: Major Companies Sued Over Hiring Practices

There are precise rules and regulations that every company must follow when bringing on new employees. These rules ensure that companies hire employees fairly for any particular job. Some major companies are facing lawsuits for failing to…
Man shaking hands with a new employee, hiring high-risk candidates.

Background Check Tips for Second-Chance Employers

In today's job market, top-talent professionals are in high demand. Extremely qualified, talented, and capable workers are the candidates you most want to see. But what do you do when your top candidate who has amazing skills, good interview…
Business people handshaking in an office building after conducting a background check on new accountant.

How to Background Check a New Accountant for Your Small Business

Small businesses often need one person who is good with finances to handle the books. You might hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to handle this. This person will monitor company financial balances, file the taxes, and may handle depositing…
A woman holding a blurred resume and a pen while doing a job interview

Background Check Results: Timeline Expectations for Verification

Verifying qualifications, history, and candidate safety is paramount when hiring new employees. Getting background check results quickly can help. However, the current emphasis on speedy hiring shouldn't come at the expense of a thorough process. This…
A background checker examining documents on his office desk.

Tips on Conducting Background Checks for Entry-Level Positions

Hiring for entry-level positions can be a challenging task. While candidates may lack extensive professional experience, it's still crucial to ensure they are a good fit for your organization. Conducting background checks is a key step in the…
Corporate managers shaking hands after conducting background check on employee.

The Importance of Conducting Background Checks on Employment Applicants

When it comes to hiring new employees, ensuring the safety, integrity, and success of your organization should be a top priority. Conducting thorough background checks on job applicants is a crucial step in the hiring process that can help protect…