4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Background Check Provider

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Background Check Provider

As an employer, you understand that your employee reflects a lot on the performance of your business or company. Finding the right person is a critical process that if not well done, it will cost the company a lot. Thus, to cut down these risks,…
Pre-Employment Hiring: Background Screenings

Pre-Employment Hiring: Background Screenings

Over 90% of employers conduct background checks on applicants attempting to obtain a position within the company. Over 70% of employers will perform a check on everyone who applies to the company. For many employers, there will be plenty to…
New York Education Official Case Illustrates Importance of Background Checks

New York Education Official Case Illustrates Importance of Background Checks

A recent case in New York City draws attention to the importance of conducting background checks on employment applicants. It also illustrates the real-world challenges that can arise. In this case, a high ranking education official was arrested…
Spotting a Liar vs. Getting Employment Verification

Spotting a Liar vs. Getting Employment Verification

When you're trying to hire a new employee, you generally go through the motions of putting an ad on a job board, looking through resumes, picking out the ones you like and asking them to come in for an interview. After interviewing a few candidates,…
Should You Go with Your “Gut Feeling” or Get a Background Check?

Should You Go With Your “Gut Feeling” or Get a Background Check?

While some employers like to go by their "gut feeling", it can be quite useful to get a background check to back up that gut feeling. There are certain cases when your gut or your intuition might work for you but there are other cases when it…
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How Background Screenings Help Maintain High Standards in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare professionals reflect the highest levels of ethical standards. Thus, expect trustworthy care for their patients. When it comes to healthcare staffing, an applicant's history matters. To maintain high standards, federal laws now…
NAPBS Accreditation for TruDiligence

The Value of NAPBS Accreditation for TruDiligence

Employers, companies, landlords, organizations, and everyday individuals rely on background checks to ensure they are bringing trusted prospects into their space. The NAPBS is what sets standards to quality background screening for the entire industry.
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Find Problem Solvers for Your Company Through Employment Verification

Employment verification is probably the most important thing you need to do when you hire someone. Not only will it help you to decide whether or not to hire that person, but it will also help you figure out how much salary to offer them.
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How to Find an Accurate, Timely, and Professional Background Check Provider

There are many things a person is looking for in a background check provider. Most importantly, of course, is an accurate background check. Here are other factors to consider when selecting a background check provider.
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5 Tips to Find the Right Background Check Provider for You

If you want to run a background check on a potential employee or tenant, you'll need to go through a background check provider. Here are some tips to help you find a background check provider.
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Get Objective Information and Make the Right Decision with Education Verification

Often, people may not lie outright about their education on a resume, but they might exaggerate it a little. Learn more about employment and education verification during a background check.
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Using Background Check Databases Responsibly

When evaluating a candidate for potential employment, a background check is an essential part of the process. Handling this information with sensitivity and discretion is the responsible thing to do for your business. Learn more about using background check databases responsibly.