Shaking hands with a candidate at the start of the hiring process

Is Your Hiring Process Optimized to Attract the Best Talent?

The hiring process can be time-consuming and complex. One important aspect of it is conducting background checks on potential candidates. In the past, this has often involved manually collecting and verifying information, which can be both tedious…
Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

A workplace is a sensitive place, and the environment needs to be conducive and friendly for all. Sometimes complaints and legal claims may come about from either party. For this reason, it is vital to get to a successful resolution. However,…
Easy Ways to Manage Your Digital Identity

Easy Ways to Manage Your Digital Identity

Spending extra time at home has given us even more reasons to increase our screen time. However, do you feel like you have explored every possible page on the Internet? One topic you may have not thought to research is yourself and your digital…
risk management team discussion

Risk Management Tips for Your Business

That thought of risk can send shivers down anyone's spine. We all wish to be in a comfortable routine where every decision is made with relative ease. Unfortunately, life doesn't turn out that way. In the business world, a certain element of…
system integration database

3 Benefits of Implementing System Integration in Your Business

Integrating your systems is a great way to manage your business operations efficiently. Here are some key benefits of integrating your business systems.

How Background Check Providers Can Create the Best User Experience

Some companies shy away from comprehensive background checks because they want to avoid making candidates feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily guilty. Hiring the wrong person with the wrong background could create legal, operational and managerial…
Let a Background Screening Provider Verify Your Job Candidates Educational Background

Let a Background Screening Provider Verify Your Job Candidates Educational Background

One of the most falsified sections on resumes and applications is the candidate's educational background. Why? Many roles within a company will require the candidate to have a specific degree or educational background. As a result, many…
employment background check

Employment Background Check For New Hires: What Does The Prospect’s History Say?

Finding good talent is rare, and sometimes a prospect's history is overlooked to gain their reported skills. Not performing an employment background check for new hires can end up haunting you down the road, and even damage the company's reputation. Considering…
work background checks for new hires

Two Reasons to Integrate Work Background Check Platforms in Your HR System

Conducting a work background check through third party is an important part of a contract, being impartial, and non-discriminatory. Working with a background check company verifies the candidate is who they say they are and whether there…
3 Things to Avoid When Performing Your Background Checks

3 Things to Avoid When Performing Employment Background Checks

Performing an employment background check is an important step in the hiring process. Ensuring you get the right employees who will do the job right is paramount to success. Here are some things you shouldn't do when conducting pre-employment…
businesswoman discussing professional background checks with her customer

Turn Professional Background Checks into a Benefit for Your Customers

People are always leery when they hear about professional background checks. Part of this is because everyone likes their privacy. No one wants their potential employer or even a consumer service looking too far into their personal history,…
picture of a resume and job application that will undergo education verification by a background check provider

Education Verification: Are GPA Scores Checked?

Everyone tells a little white lie from time to time, or so we are told. White lies are named as such because they don't seem all that harmful at first. They are particularly easy to slip into when the lie is not told directly to another human…