What Does A Employer Credit Check Look For?

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Applying to a new position? Worried about an employer credit check? Many candidates today think about their credit score when searching for new opportunities. As an HR or recruiting professional, however, it can make or break an applicant's…
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3 Things to Avoid When Performing Your Background Checks

3 Things to Avoid When Performing Employment Background Checks

Performing an employment background check is an important step in the hiring process. Ensuring you get the right employees who will do the job right is paramount to success. Here are some things you shouldn't do when conducting pre-employment…
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What are the Different Levels in a Criminal Background Check

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When you hear the words criminal background check, it can sound intimidating, even if you don't have anything to hide. However, if you are hiring an employee, looking for a tenant, or even asking people to spend time with children, you should…
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Do Not Forget About Education Verification During The Screening Process

We know how difficult it can be to hire the right person for a job opening. More than half of resumes and applications contain some information that is not true. Therefore, you can safeguard your business essential to verifying every piece of…
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Employment Verification Services: Here is Why They are Important

As the need for background checks increase so do the compliance and laws surrounding them. The adherence to these changes can make a background check take longer than many employers may like and, as such, they decide to forego these verification…

The Importance of Responsible Use Of Database Searches In Background Checks

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Background checks are often conducted during the hiring process for employees and in the application process for tenants. Prior to conducting a background check, the employer or landlord must inform the individual through a proper disclosure…
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background check forms and compliance
background check forms and compliance

General FCRA Compliance Information and Guidelines

TruDiligence takes seriously the need for compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. This page is meant to be a resource from which you can visit links to regulatory sites, obtain answers to your questions and download compliance-related release forms and documents. However, we are not attorneys, so nothing on this page is intended to be legal opinion or advice. We strongly recommend that you consult with legal counsel regarding your specific circumstances.