Why you should choose a PBSA-accredited background check provider

Why You Should Choose a PBSA-Accredited Background Check Provider

In the last decade, some of America’s biggest companies — Target, Amazon, Wells Fargo, to name a few — have paid over $170 million in settlements to job candidates because of federal law violations in background check practices. These lawsuits stem from lapses by the background check provider, but the employers face the brunt of the consequences. To avoid these pitfalls, choose a high-quality, PBSA-accredited background check provider. But who is the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), and what can they do to protect you and your business?

A PBSA-Accredited Background Check Provider Is Thorough

The PBSA is the leading authority in professional standards of all consumer reporting agencies in the United States. Third-party on-site auditors painstakingly review all company policies, verification practices, and documents through the accreditation procedure. Companies that receive the PBSA seal of approval then have to repeat the process after five years.

There are hundreds of background check providers in the country, and less than 150 have passed through the PBSA wringer. Rest assured, all accredited companies provide top-tier, high-quality service.

PBSA-Accredited Companies Are Secure

Background check providers going through the accreditation process are expected to demonstrate ongoing, high-end compliance with regard to information security. PBSA has rightfully set high standards for data protection to ensure the safety of all involved parties.

A PBSA-Accredited Background Check Provider Follows Federal Laws to the Letter

Background check-related lawsuits stem from violations of legal requirements in specific jurisdictions. Legal stipulations around employee checks are ever-changing as the nature of work constantly evolves. An accredited company would have full knowledge of all compliance issues or pitfalls and will advise their clients accordingly.


A cheap background check provider is easy to find, but there’s no assurance of their service’s accuracy and legality. Don’t take that risk, do your due diligence with TruDiligence: a proud PBSA-accredited background screening service, providing high-quality results at the best overall value.

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