Clear The Air

Trusting an employee to manage the company’s financial accounts is serious business, and making sure the right person is in the position is among the most important decisions a hiring specialist can make.

Millions of employees nationwide have access to sensitive records that clients believe are in the right hands. But time and time again, some sort of abuse raises a red flag. A subsequent investigation by a regulatory agency or news reporter reveals the extent of the damage. Larceny, embezzlement, identity theft – these are all very real concerns.

Due diligence to verify a spotless criminal record is the first step in guarding what is intended to be secure information. Otherwise, your company’s name could wind up in the headlines. It’s not only those in charge of finances who take illegal liberties; it could also be the friendly retail clerk who is well-liked in the store or the elderly gentleman who mops the floors at night.

Take, for example, two recent cases in New York that occurred within 5 days of each other: A woman who allegedly claimed her sick boyfriend as her husband to receive medical treatments ended up costing the company $100,000, not to mention legal fees and bad press.

Day later, two employees at a retail establishment reportedly stole and sold store merchandise for profit on eBay. The stolen merchandise is already valued at more than $50,000.

Knowing that employers are constantly on watch for thieves and swindlers, it can be an uphill battle for honest, hard-working people to get a fair shake when applying for a job. But one set of documents from MyTruSeal , a self-background screening company, can clear the air for a potential employer.

MyTruSeal uses a simple but unique concept. It enables job-seekers to provide upfront documentation that proves their solid reputation in the workplace. Clients get to choose which databases to scan in order to show they are not listed as a criminal or someone who has blemishes on their professional background.

A proactive approach is a wise alternative to a reactive approach. It is far better than suffering a loss, both financially and in public perception.

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