Clever job-seekers using self background checks

Imagine you are an executive carefully examining a group of four job candidates. They are the same age, dressed in similar suits, and share nearly identical qualifications for the position. Except one is holding a sheet of paper.


That person’s name is Chance, and in a pre-emptive attempt to gain a slight advantage over the others, he is showcasing his credentials with pride. Chance decided to offer proof that he is who he says he is. Listed on the sheet of paper are details of Chance’s personal record, including criminal background, driving history and professional indiscretions. Or, in this case, a lack thereof.


The hopeful candidate suddenly has that desired edge. You as an executive are pleased that Chance has taken initiative. He has made it known that he’s serious about pursuing the position and is willing to present evidence of a spotless record, freeing the company of the burden. It highlights his eagerness to share information that highlights his upstanding character and show he is deserving of the opportunity.


MyTruSeal, a product of TruDiligence, is one of the few companies that offers services to make sure a job candidate stands out from the crowd. In a particularly tough job market, where there is often a deep pool of qualified candidates with years of experience to contend with, using resources such as MyTruSeal can literally mean the difference between an offer and a “we’ll call you, don’t call us” send off.


For decades, companies large and small have spent millions of dollars making sure their employees are responsible, law-abiding citizens. Companies like MyTruSeal instill confidence in those decision-makers by providing a range of packages that enable job seekers to show they are not flagged on databases such as the Multi-State Criminal Index and National Sex Offender Registry. The applicant can take the verified documentation with them to any interview until they find the right job. Best of all, it’s done for a starting price point of under $20.

MyTruSeal’s services are not limited to those who are unemployed. Business professionals needing to validate their credentials to prospective clients can display immediate proof, as can contractors who need to show they have a clean criminal background before entering someone’s home for a job.


MyTruSeal is also expected to revolutionize the temp-for-hire industry, as the norm will likely follow the self-background screening trend. Well-known organizations that specialize in staffing, like Robert Half International, could take advantage of the services to differentiate their candidates and win placements.

If more people take a pro-active approach to validating their credentials up front, much like Chance did, it’s quite possible that MyTruSeal could soon be looked upon as the visionary that created an industry of self-background screenings and helped keep the employment wheels churning in the right direction.

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