Do You Conduct Yearly Background Screenings?

yearly background screenings being conducted

The employment market in the United States has certainly seen an increase in the use of yearly background screenings. However, there are not a large number of companies conducting re-screens. On one hand, you are using background screenings to look for anything that could be alarming before you hire someone new. On the other hand, are you also looking for anything that could be alarming from your current employees? It is often thought that an employer will know if one of their current employees has committed a crime because that would mean they could not show up for work the next day. However, it does not always happen this way because there are many ways an employee could hide the fact that they have committed a crime.

When a current employee commits a crime, employers will not always be aware of what has happened because it is not as obvious as people think. If an employee does commit a crime, he or she could quickly be bailed out of jail. This is one of the reasons why we encourage employers to conduct background screenings on an annual basis. There are several benefits and advantages of conducting background screenings, including the following:

Protecting Your Company’s Brand

If one of your employees is participating in any type of criminal activity, can you imagine what this could do to your brand and your reputation? Further, if you have employees who are committing crimes, your image can be greatly damaged. If your employees commit crimes, your customers may decide not to use your business. Indeed, they may feel they can no longer trust your company.


It is important that your business regularly evaluates its policies and update them as needed. When you update these policies, it will mean that some of your current employees need to be re-screened.


If you want to reduce the risks within your workplace, we encourage you to conduct yearly background checks on your current employees. This enures awareness of any type of criminal activity they may have committed during their time with your company. You may have employees who passed the background screening in the beginning, but what if they now have a criminal record? 

Learn More About Yearly Background Screenings

We encourage you to make sure you conduct yearly background screenings so you can maintain a safe work environment. Contact us today for more information on our background screening services. 

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