Conducting Background Checks for Employees

Making a wrong hiring decision can come back to haunt you, your other employees and your client base. Finding a replacement would also add extra cost and time and may even pose you to a potential lawsuit. Employees tend to falsify their applications, resulting in the wrong person being hired. However, conducting background checks for employees can be rewarding if you hire a well known and efficient company to do so.

TruDiligence has been one of the leading companies for background checks for over 20 years. It works in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other federal and state legislations to ensure that all background checks are done under the law. Before hiring a company, consider what conducting background checks is all about. Listed below are the few basics of conducting employment background checks:

Be Broad and Comprehensive

Look at the basic information, like applicant’s education, past employments, driving history, criminal history and social media profile. This helps to run a thorough background check. However, some applicants can be misleading with false information on their applications. Therefore, consider the sources of investigating the applicants as well before making a hiring decision.

Follow the Laws

Based on the background check, your firm can be required to release a legal form completed by the applicant, informing them of their rights. This report should be in compliance with the state and federal laws.


Different types of jobs require different methods and levels of investigation. However, if two applicants are applying for the same job, keep a uniform pattern of searches and investigation on them. Treating applicants for the same job differently may result in discrimination charges. Conducting a face-to-face meeting can resolve reporting errors and misconceptions. Applicant tracking systems are great to keep track on potential employees based on the needs of the company.

Locate the Patterns

Hiring decisions should be based on the patterns of positive and negative behavior, not just a single act. A single good act or a bad act cannot define a person or their job abilities. Consider the consistent pattern in behavior to better evaluate the candidates. Background checks on this matter can be used to choose between two well-qualified applicants.

Use a Professional Agency for Background Checks

You can only minimally evaluate candidates for a job through investigation. Background check companies like TruDiligence have the experience and procedures to accurately and efficiently locate the information you want. These companies can also view certain data which you want but cannot view as that may result in a violation of federal or state law. Everything cannot be found online. Only licensed background check companies can obtain required date legally to help you choose the best applicant.


Background checks can be misleading. Many small businesses fail because of employee dishonesty and theft. When choosing a background check firm, consider its customer service program, cost and client interface and reviews. TruDiligence has been providing comprehensive employment screening with competitive costs for nearly 20 years.

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