Consider Consulting With An Expert Before Hiring Summer Camp Staff

Have you been tasked with hiring your summer camp’s staff this year? If so, you may want to consider consulting with a well-seasoned, background check and investigative firm that specializes in applicant screening. Here’s why:

Laws and regulations regarding the hiring of summer camp staff vary considerably and can be quite complicated. Those variances in hiring practices are often attributed to such factors as the camp’s location, duration and licensing status. For example, Colorado requires that criminal background checks be completed on all resident summer camp staff. FBI background checks, on the other hand, are only required in certain instances. Given that, an experienced applicant screening firm can help you wade through all of the legal and regulatory issues involved to make sure that your summer camp is in compliance.

In addition to the laws and regulations, there are other issues to consider as well. They include ensuring the safety of your campers, visitors and other staff. Comprehensive, pre-employment screening can help to alleviate some of the risk involved in those areas too. Summer camp officials that fail to take the necessary precautions are apt to find their facilities involved in civil actions. Examples of such instances may be found in previous lawsuits filed within the states of Washington and Pennsylvania.

We here at TruDiligence have more than a decade’s worth of experience in conducting pre-employment screening and background checks. Thus, you can rest assured that our methods are time-tested and in accordance with the law. Examples of services offered include, but are not limited to, criminal history checks, consent based social security number verifications, resident history reports and county level court records checks. We also provide tier pricing, which can be a real cost saver.

Want additional information on how we can help to ensure that your summer camp’s hiring practices are in full compliance? Please contact us by calling 1-800-580-0474 or visiting our website. We’d be delighted to provide you with a complimentary quote.

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