Why You Should Consider Employee Background Screening Re-Checks

businesswoman conducting employee background screening re-checks

If you’re like a lot of companies, you probably do an employee background screening every time you hire a new employee. However, you might not have any official process in place that would allow you to update that information after a person has been hired. Here are a few good reasons why you may want to evaluate and update your practices.

Keep Up With Changing Legal Requirements

As you may know, the state of Indiana has been in the news concerning its state law HEA 1079. This bill requires all school corporations to conduct an expanded criminal background check on all school staff at least once every five years. As of now, Indiana schools are being allowed to phase in this change over time. If you operate in a state that passes similar legislation, you may have to prepare yourself to comply with any current and relevant legal requirements.

Increase Your Protection

Employee background screening re-checks serve pretty much the same purpose as background checks done prior to hiring. The main reasons include protecting your business from potential fraud and limiting your liability, as well as helping you to feel more confident about your staffing decisions. If someone has been on staff for an extended time, there may be more recent criminal activity or other events that you would want to be informed about.

Assess Your Individual Needs

Apart from legal requirements, you otherwise have the discretion to consider the background screening practices that work best for your individual workplace. You might decide to make periodic employee background screening re-checks automatic across the board or use them under certain conditions such as when an employee gets promoted to a position with significantly more responsibility or greater access to sensitive information and resources.

TruDiligence and Your Employee Background Screening Re-Checks

TruDiligence is a leading provider of applicant background screening products and services to businesses like yours. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve peace of mind with your screening program.

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