Consider These Factors in Choosing a Background Screening Provider

Consider These Factors in Choosing a Background Screening Provider

Filling an employment position can be one of the more challenging and potentially risky responsibilities as a hiring manager or recruiter. The prospective candidate may meet your requirements in experience and education, but only a comprehensive background check can verify their identity, previous employment, education, and uncover possible illegal records. As a result, the choice of services to conduct this crucial investigation must not be taken lightly. Let’s take a closer look at how to select the best background screening provider.

Compliance and Accreditations

The gold standard for screening providers is accreditation by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). This indicates that the company follows rigorous guidelines in screening procedures and policies and can provide excellent service. The company must also be FCRA -compliant by law in order to conduct background checks.

Turnaround Time for a Background Screening Provider

In many hiring situations, time may be of the essence in bringing a new employee on board. As a result, efficient turnaround time in results becomes an important factor in the selection of a background check provider. Many companies disclose their turnaround times on their websites for comparison.

Accessibility and Customizations

Be sure to choose a background screening provider that can provide access to every background check needed. Some companies may offer services in bundles or ones that may be tailored to your hiring needs.

Cost of a Background Screening Provider

Using the most inexpensive background screening provider doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive the most timely and accurate results. Providers may try to cut costs with incomplete data sourcing. On the other hand, the largest company won’t necessarily be the best either. Your budget may ultimately determine this decision so carefully weigh similarly priced companies. Inquire about matching competitor pricing, volume pricing, and any standalone options that can be added to the contract. Inquire if there are any monthly minimums and penalties for not meeting them.

Available Technology

An outdated background check platform can seriously hinder the quality of results. Selecting a company that harnesses the latest in technology in its screening platform will prove to be a highly valuable resource. As a manager or recruiter, mobile device access, as well as real-time reporting, are essential for obtaining data on the go. Additionally, ATS integration can streamline the process by providing storage for information such as previous employment, education, and any criminal history. This can greatly reduce processing delays.

Customer Support

The ability to reach a support representative in a timely manner to resolve problems and answer questions must also be considered. This communication can take the form of email, phone, or live chat. The agency should have a team of experienced staff members to assist you when the need arises.

Learn More About Choosing a Background Screening Provider

The selection of a background screening company is critical to recruiting employees who meet your high company standards. While there are many types of companies to suit businesses of every size and industry, they all offer a unique set of services that must be carefully considered. Contact us for information on how our background screening services can furnish you with the tools you need to hire qualified candidates for your company.

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